A path worth taking. C41 produced the new Zegna 232 campaign, directed by our talent Van Khokhlov.

A story of values inspired by the road that connects the Oasi Zegna. Featuring musician Marracash, actor Isaac Hempstead Wright, and movement director Abdourahman Njie, it presents a family of visionaries who share an innovative idea of the future.

An invitation to challenge conventions and make bold choices.

Produced by C41
Client: Zegna
Executive producer: Barbara Guieu
Creative: Francesco D’Errico
Director: Van Khokhlov
DOP: Marco De Pasquale
Photographer: David Gomez Maestre
Agency: Communion
Second unit director: Filippo Raineri
Second unit dp: Francesco Rosiglioni
Assistant director: Alberto Poli
Music and sound: Frank Colucci
Editor: Filippo Patelli
Colorist: Daniel Pallucca
Set designer: Cler Bonomelli
Styling: Zegna
Stylist assistant: Alessandra Faja
Make-up: Lorenzo Zavatta
Make-up assistant: Chiara Vitulo
Hair: Les garçons de la rue
Producer: Vittorio Paco Bonelli
Production manager: Marco Agnesi
Production coordinator: Anja Barcarini
Unit manager: Maria Borgognoni