El Santo: A real mexican story for real lovers

C41 presents, in collaboration with Vogue Ukraine and K48 production company, a new fashion film that tells a story that seems obscure to many people. The film is directed by Jacopo Farina, and the story is the result of the creation of the stylist and creative director Giulia Revolo. 

A story of fight, passion and tradition. A story that through unusual locations and gaudy clothes tells of a brave Mexican wrestler. El Santo is a real character, it was one of the world champions of Lucha Libre and national symbol of Mexico, it’s practically a hero! 

C41, creative production company
Leone Balduzzi and Barbara Guieu, ex producers
Jacopo Farina, director
Giulia Revolo, creative director
Ivan Casagrandeconti, producer
Stefano Grilli, dop
Foresta Foresta, Ivreatronic, music
Alice Rosati, photographer
Vanessa Icareg, mua
Giulio Pancera, hair stylist
Virginia Guiotto, set design