Listen carefully

VFTS is an Italian brand designing and producing sneakers with a great focus on the street scene, needing a highly positioning content, able to set their identity in the market.

C41 designs and develop a story revolving around the concept of the crew and depicting the street more as a lifestyle rather than a place. The crafting of both the video and the pictures is as rough as the brand itself, though presenting a proper narration. “Listen carefully” is the first step from which the identity of VFTS is developed and extended.

C41, creative production company
Leone, director
Alessandro Ubaldi, dop
Marcello Calvesi, 1ad
Luca A. Caizzi, creative director
Marco Agnesi, line producer
Giovanni D’Anniballe, 1st assistant producer
Alessandro Maffi and Carlo Banfi, 2nd assistant producer
Alessandro De Agostini, words
Diletta Ariano, stylist
Orash Rahnema, color grading
Boylerz – VegaPunk, music
Smider, sound design
Rusty Garage Milano, stunt & vehicles