the dispute

C41, thanks to a collaboration between the luxury brand Trussardi and the renowned Giorgio Di Salvo, gives life to a fashion film with absolutely unusual characters.
The mood of the film is that of a bare theatrical representation that lives only on its characters. The film is immersed in darkness, a darkness that allows the expressiveness and movements of the actors to be highlighted, and of course the amazing collection born from this fully successful collaboration. This theatricality and intensity are inspired by the avant-garde film Dogville.

The film is directed by the director Giulio Squillacciotti who in writing the script of this film imagined a real dispute between the characters who, through very clear gestures and facial  expressions, rail against each other on this apparently empty stage, but full of excitement and suspense. 

C41, creative production company
Giorgio Di Salvo, creative director
Giulio Squillacciotti, director
Giuseppe Favale, cinematographer
Leone Balduzzi, executive producer
Beatrice Lebrun, producer
Margherita Freyrie, editor
Fabiana Guigli, stylist
Alice Fantini, make-up artist
Orash Rahnema, colorist

Inga Lavarini
Luciano Spini
Fabrizio Valenti