The North Face


The North Face collaborates with The Renewal Workshop in North Amsterdam and America to renew garments that have suffered small defects. These clothes are adjusted, treated, and checked to be able to put them back on the market. C41 went to the Dutch factory documenting every step of the manufacturing process.


Produced by C41
Client: The North Face
Creative Director: LEONE
Creative: Inga Lavarini
Jr. Art Director: Nilofar Attahi
Producer: Beatrice Lebrun
Director: Robbert Doelwijt Jr.
DP: Seretse Fulani
Photographer: Carlo Banfi
II unit: Rens Tak
Ass. Producer: Cecilia Terenzoni
Camera ass.: Cas Kerssens
Editor: Margerita Freyrie
Color: Giorgia Meacci

Voice over: Samuell Uekermann-Laville
Creative Services Manager: Samanta Gubitta
Creative Copywriter: Sarah Benton
Senior Creative: Ricardo Rodrigues
Creative Director: Jacob Frisk