A new approach to exploration. C41 in collaboration with The North Face, rebranded and relaunched the Black Box collection, now called The NSE Mountain Archive collection.

A project consisting out of a video, images, and a magazine. Inspired by the North American Search & Rescue in the 90s, reinterpreted for the new era of exploration.

Produced by C41
Client: The North Face, Giuliano Paradiso
Creative directors: Leone Balduzzi, Luca A. Caizzi
Creative: Inga Lavarini
Producer: Beatrice Lebrun
Jr. Producer: Riccardo Calvi
Magazine’s Art Direction & Design: Robin Sara Stauder, Luca A. Caizzi
Location manager: Antonio Cilli
Director: Marco Viganò
DOP: Andrea Dutto
Photographer: Luca A. Caizzi
Art Buyer: Patrizia Gatto
Stylist: Fabiana Guigli
Production ass.: Riccardo Pagano
Production ass.: Davide Damioli
Casting: Alice De Santis
Digital ass.: Filippo Telaro
Camera ass.: Yuri Molinaroli
2nd camera ass: Massimo Alfarano
Editor: Marco Viganò
Color: Daniel Pallucca
Photo Editor: Simona Gentile
Characters: Bruno Ceci / Doha
Special thanks: Movie People