The North Face

Forever Iconic

Escaping the city. Inspired by nature in unexpected ways. A reintroduction of the classic The North Face ICON, captured by C41.

A campaign created to add youthful energy in a way that blends street culture with the outdoors.


C41, creative production company
L+L, creative directors
Leone, director
Andrea Dutto, DP
Inga Lavarini, art director
Beatrice Lebrun, producer
Cecilia Terenzoni, production ass.
Filippo Raineri, production ass.
Antonio Cilli, production ass.
Patrizia Gatto, set designer
Carlo Banfi, digital ass.
Giorgio Melgrati, camera ass.
Lorenzo D’Anniballe, sound engineer and sound design
Margherita Freirye, editor
Leonardo Angelini, location manager
Fabiana Guigli, stylist
Simona Gentile, post- production pictures
Alice De Santis, casting director
Leyla Degan and Omar Jaimes, characters
Thanks to II Frantoio