The North Face


In the newest FW22 The North Face Fleeces campaign, created and produced by C41, the outdoors vibe takes the studio.

Photographed by Carlo Banfi, the adventures of 3 different talents are recreated and visually described out of their natural habitat. Transferring the outdoors to a clean and aseptic limbo, where the story is told only through set design.

Produced by C41
Client: The North Face⁣
Creative Direction by C41 and THE NORTH FACE EMEA CREATIVE TEAM⁣
Project Manager and Art/ Creative Direction TNF: Giuliano Paradiso and Chiara Cogorno ⁣
Creative director C41: LEONE
Photographer: Carlo Banfi
Creative C41: Inga Lavarini
Junior creative C41: Sofia Michaud

Line Producer: Beatrice Lebrun
Production Asst: Alessandro Copetta

Digital asst: Ivana Sfredda
Light asst: Filippo Telaro
Stylist: Yaya Zeng
Set Design: Jessica Zorzin
MUA: Alice Fantini
Photo Editor: Carlo Banfi and Ivana Sfredda