Sunglass Hut


C41 produced the new Sunglass hut Summer23 campaign.

Recounted through the eyes of our director Iacopo Carapelli, the hypervisual journey consists of an infinity pan to show an infinity of summer vibes through 5 different illustrated worlds.

Playing with artworks from Ana Popescu used as backgrounds, the protagonists find their uniqueness by experiencing every shade of themselves.

Client: Sunglass Hut
Creative Director: Filippo Vezzali
Senior Art Director: Matteo Baratto
Designer & Art: Francesco Mangogna
Senior Brand & Communication Manager: Marija Jurkonyte
Communication Manager: Tania Capelli
Producer: Laura Motta

Produced by C41
Executive producer C41: Barbara Guieu
Director: Iacopo Carapelli
DP: Luca Esposito
Photographer: Jim Nedd

Producer: Beatrice Lebrun

Producer: Irene Rei
Prod. Manager: Maria Borgognoni  ⁣

⁣Set Designer: Elena Mora
Casting director: Laura Motta⁣
Stylist: Anna Carraro
Make-up: Francesca Vinciguerra
Hair Stylist: Maurizio Morreale

Editor: Margherita Freyrie
Music: Massive Music
Colorist: Daniel Pallucca
Post-production: Andrea Colacicco
Illustration: Ana Popescu