Stefanel is one of the main representatives in the affordable luxury segment. The Spring/Summer 2019 explores the creative dialogue between timeless aesthetic codes with innovative textures and narrates the authentic connection between Italian craftsmanship and quality.

C41, in collaboration with Massimiliano Bomba and K48 production, presents a new and fresh fashion film that smells of the sea. Shot on film, the piece has a hint of nostalgia to it. The sound of the waves, a beautiful young woman walking barefoot on the sand and the warm summer sunlight allows us to identify with the situation and wish we were there.

C41, creative production company
Brave New World Uk, production company
Massimiliano Bomba, director
Karim Andreotti, dop
Massimiliano Bomba, editor
Crispin Jameson, art director
John Cameron Liquid sunshine, soundtrack
Carlo Banfi, production assistant