Nylon backpack

Represented by C41, Enea Zucchetti and Federico Torra directed and captured the new Rimowa’s campaign. Tableaux Bureaux is a delicate fashionable take on relatable work environments. Consisting of 4 videos shot in the Fashion research library in Oslo, Norway.⁣

Talents represented by C41⁣
Director: Enea Zucchetti⁣
Director of Photography: Gianluca Oliva⁣
Photographer: Federico Torra ⁣
Photographer’s assistant: Luca Soncini ⁣

Special thanks to Barbara Guieu and Beatrice Lebrun ⁣

Client: Rimowa⁣
Produced by: NODOP ⁣⁣
Creative Director: Marin Mornieux⁣
Producer: Linn Flammier
Styling: Marin Mornieux ⁣
Models: King Baffour / Ireen Tabolova⁣

1st AC: Kristoffer Aamot
2nd AC: Emilie Solberg⁣
Gaffer: Jarl Johnsen
Best boy 1: Henrik Larsen⁣
Best boy 2: Zeth Ryen⁣
Best boy 3: Anders Ødegård⁣
Production assistant: Daniel da Silveira and Helene Nesse

Editor: Henrik Dyb Zwart
Music: Pierre Rousseau
Color grading: RASCAL⁣
Post-prod coordinator: Geirr Johnsen