Distinguishing marks

SUPER by Retrosuperfutures is a leading brand producing outstanding contemporary eyewear. Starting from a classic, clean silhouette, SUPER has gradually built up its impressive collection of cutting edge shapes, becoming highly popular for its eclectic collection of colorful acetate sunglasses.

“Distinguishing marks” is a project by C41 photographed by Maurizio Annese for the 7th “Bellissimo” issue of C41 magazine.

Getting down to an essential representation of an objective beauty is an exercise in reduction. Any add-ons would cover the message, instead of empowering it. In our society, the most essential representation of what we are in the ID card. C41 reinterprets it, taking inspiration from how every feature is shown and grouped in an index. Four portraits of four characters, shot with a plane, direct and democratic approach. There is no room for any tinsel, just a simple representation of the beauty of the subjects.

C41, creative production company
Maurizio Annese, photographer