Ladri di patta

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Patta Milan store the streetwear brand launches ‘Ladri di Patta’, a six minute short film inspired by the neo realist classic ‘Ladri di Biciclette’ (better known as Bicycle Thieves, Vittorio de Sica, 1948). The short film is made by Dutch director Victor D. Ponten and produced by C41 Creative Production Company. 

“If you ask anyone from Amsterdam what ‘patta’ means, they’ll point at their sneakers”, says Victor. “It literally means sneaker in Amsterdam street slang, but the word also has an Italian hang to it.”

“So with ‘Ladri di Patta’ I’ve combined Italian neorealism with streetwear aesthetics to tell a story about a boy, his father and a new pair of sneakers.” 

We have also put together a series of behind the scenes pictures, in which Leone portrayed the cast during the making of, capturing the urban and inner soul that characterizes the film.

Mose Calcagno, the boy
Aaron Ampofo Dankwah, the father
Caroline Gugliuzzo, the mother
Kaio Ceruti, the thieves
John Delos Angeles

Victor D. Ponten, writer / director
Neirin Jones, director of photography
C41, production
Leone Balduzzi & Victor D. Ponten, executive producers
Alessandro de Agostini, producer
Govert Janse, editor
Quincy Vlijtig, sound designer
Willem de Bruin & Morien van der Tang, composers
De Grot, post facilities
Erik van den Heuvel, colorist
Isabella Petricca, casting director