Radical lovers never sleep

oXs is an innovative Italian brand producing shoes. Actual shoes but without time or spatial boundaries, which have always aspired to a global reality resting on the heritage of a solid and authentic Italian company.

C41 designs, wrote and produced an activation video. C41 developed a story around the 90s disco concept, thus taking up the spirit of the oXs shoes and throw a party to shot the video and photos of the new collection.

A location has been carefully chosen, in the metropolis of Milan, which could reflect the underground parties creating a scene dominated by red lights and particular faces. The models, some of which belong to the world of influencers, were chosen based on particular characteristics and made perfect thanks to a choice of styling and makeup that brought them back in the 90s. All accompanied by techno music and alcohol served thanks to the beverage sponsors we have acquired: Brooklyn beer and Jack Daniel’s.

Along with the short film, C41 designs and shoots a series of pictures of this private party, which could only be accessed by an invitation, which brought the city of Milan back to its old underground origins.

C41, creative production company
Van Khokhlov, director
Luca A. Caizzi, photographer