Unknown Generation

C41 and Nike present ‘Unknown Generation: Voices From The Future’, a project about freedom and self-determination.

“These are the young talents of Generation Z—the unknown generation —who aren’t afraid to be different. What does “different” even mean anyway? Aren’t we all different? That’s how it should be. No more labels or definitions. We are who we are, part of the same story. And if I recognise in yours, I don’t need to focus on how you’re dressed or how do you look like. I just see that we’re the same. That’s what inclusion means. It has something to do with diversity becoming normality. Things change every day and if you stay still then you won’t understand.”

Produced by C41
Client: Nike
Creative Director: LEONE
Creative: Inga Lavarini and Nicole Salotti
Editorial: Robin Sara Stauder
Stylist: Yaya Zeng
Producer: Riccardo Calvi and Cecilia Terenzoni
Ass. Producer: Riccardo Pagano
Photographer: LEONE
Ass Digital: Viola Alastra
Videomaker e Editing: Femke Maria van Weldam
MUA: Gaia Dellaquila
Ass. Stylist: Alessia Guizzardi
Post Production: Simona Gentile & Margherita Freyrie
Casting: Alice De Santis & Kevin Ferretti
Talent: Vanessa Medina Ruiz, David Harrison, Giulia Alleonato, Maurilio Lima e Silva