Ordinary Outburst

There must be a “chemistry of lost things”, we love to believe, that turns them into something memorable and compelling. Something that generates a unique and unrepeatable interaction between the magical box of our memory, our senses and the ingenious brilliance of the things of the world, whether they are natural or the result of human imagination. It is the secret of our sweetest remembrances and maybe the reason why we are more inclined to remember what we like, instead of people and things that we dislike.

It seems to be just a matter of chemistry.

Together with Nike, C41 hosted an event in Piazza San Babila (Milan), showcasing the “Ordinary Outburst” work. Both Isabella Potì and Venerus attended the event: the people in the store enjoyed Venerus’ DJ set and the amazing cocktails prepared by Isabella.

The store was lightened by pink neon and while walking through the aisles you were surrounded by Alecio Ferrari’s pictures. The videos were playing at the end of a tight aisle on old TVs and the 100 copies of the “Ordinary Outburst” fanzine were given as a gift for all the people attending the event.

C41, creative production company
Alecio Ferrari, photographer