L'incredibile! A true story by C41 per Nike

C41, in collaboration with Nike, wrote a film about football, passion and street life.

L’Incredibile! is a story that tells the constancy and dedication of young football lovers. A story that tells how, every day, they cut space into their lives for football. It’s the story of a neighborhood, Baggio, that day by day is approaching a new future, in which the passion for football aggregates and unites, bringing back people to meet up to play in the neighborhood fields together.

Gender equality is celebrated in one of the most popular sports for men. An ode to equality where men and women collide on the same field, passing the same ball between the feet and having the same chances of victory. An innovative and absolutely engaging way to talk about football where there are no rivalries or sexual differences but where you play with passion and heart.

A story of passion told through the expert voice of the coach, which through screams, encouragement and technicalities brings us into a new version of the world of football.

C41, creative production company
Leone, director