True to your crew, Klen Sheet for Nike Dunk

A true story by C41 for Nike Dunk. About Klen Sheet’s first ‘’record’’ as a collective, how the idea was born, what prompted them to create it, and the values it will bring with it once it reaches people’s ears.

Klen Sheet stands for a fresh start, their vision is to inspire a new Milan with their diverse, entrepreneurial spirit and their love for many forms of art and music. As ‘outsiders and different’, they look at Milan as a playground, where everyone is moving and training for the future.

Their music represents their love for Milan, their hope for the future, and most importantly the loyalty and camaraderie they share as a crew.

C41, creative production company
Leone Balduzzi, creative director
Inga Lavarini, creative producer
Vittoria Elena Simona, director and screenwriter


Klen Sheet, the band
Crew members:
Maggio, Ngawa, Tanca, Vittoria Elena Simone, Monoryth, Ratematica, Giumo, Goldreick