the holiday countdown

C41, in collaboration with Christian Louboutin and director BOM, gives life to a film with a vintage retro touch with a festive, flamboyant, and crazy atmosphere. People all over the world love Christian Louboutin for their quality, style, and distinction. There is a wide refinement in the concept that we want to communicate through the emphasis on creativity and handmade design as a synonym for the brand and its products. The gingerbread house, as large as it is, subliminally resembles Louboutin’s iconic shoebox, the subtle use of Louboutin red throughout. At every stage of the creative process, Christian Louboutin’s identity and products are an integral part of the visual effect of this campaign.

We drew inspiration from retro aesthetics but always combined with contemporary references of art, fashion, and design: the past that informs the present.

You will therefore notice a visual patina that slightly echoes the look of pre-digital sitcoms shot on film while leaving a touch of contemporaneity that allows the viewer to identify with the scene. The idea of creating a gingerbread audience is adorable and fun and perfectly embodies the Christmas spirit we wanted to instill. The extravagant and wonderful characters, large wigs, large nails, great personality make this film subtly ironic and pleasant to watch. They take us into a vintage and burlesque past that makes us smile. 

And in the end, let’s not forget that it’s Christmas!

We decided to use warm colors to create that feeling of celebration and union, a union given by Louboutin products as a gift.

C41, creative production company
Tiwirayi Magwenzi, ex. producer and managing director
Nicolò Carassi and Claire Ives, creative direction
Alice Garbelli, producer
Billions of Millions, directors
Marc Gomez Del Moral, DP
Will Field, production design
Marleen Ettema, stylist
Igor Ragazzi, editor
Daniel Pallucca, colorist
MassiveMusic, soundtrack and sound design
BluePills FX, FX and post production