The art of Siting

Contact. Rethinking the object in the contemporary⁣

“Leone Balduzzi’s approach, proposing for KOKKE an operation that makes explicit reference to Gabriele Basilico’s series, is therefore to bring attention back to the body-object relationship. Recovering and reinterpreting Contact today, it is necessary to go back to reflecting on the function of the object in the contemporary world, on an interaction and an exchange, which leaves a trace, but which we are used to living passively, helping us to observe and define more accurately the interaction, form, materials, function and identity of the product.”⁣

Words by Andrea Elia Zanini
Photography by Leone

Creative Director: LEONE
Creative: Inga Lavarini
Producer: Jessie Van De Wiel and Kevin Ferretti
Photo Editor: Simona Gentile
Model: Martilde Favilli, Benedetta Fossà
MUA: Gaia Dellaquila