it's time to

With this project C41 wants to entice young artists to unleash their talent and to exploit this situation in the best possible way and to see it not as a block but as an opportunity

In this lockdown period, C41 has created a project, in collaboration with Rayban, aimed at giving voice to artists from all over the world, who in this difficult moment can express their talent only within the four walls of their home.

It is time to play, it is time to focus, it is time to create, it is time to speak. It is time to express our true selves. This is the motto of the project where Time is the thread. This innovative and stimulating project involves numerous artists from all over the world. We searched for designers, graphic designers, pho-tographers, and directors, we went in search of talents able to represent this historical period through Rayban lenses. The contents will animate the social networks of the brand that has allowed those who live on art to continue making it.

C41 has decided to give voice to eclectic personalities, artists and musicians so that they can share their moments of self-expression with us.

Alice Isaac – time to speak out

The London based visual artist Alice Isaac interprets the world by disrupting it through dreamy imagery and animation.

Dali Geralle – time to focus

Dali Geralle, a Milan born and raised photographer, pursues the representation of unfiltered beauty.

Leone x Ultraposh – time to play

Photographer and director Leone made use of Facetime and some playful filters as a medium for a remote controlled shooting with influencer Ultraposh.

David Benski – time to speak out

David Benski is a designer and art director who plays with typographic treatments, illustrative graphics and experimental layouts.

Tadej – Time to create

Tadej is an Amsterdam based artist defining himself as a visual guy getting inspired by everything he sees.

Luca A. Caizzi – Time to speak out

One of Luca A. Caizzi thoughts: “There’ll always be something beautifully simple about portraits. When the subject is strong, they really have the power to say it all.”

C41, creative production company
Leone and Luca A. Caizzi (L+L), creative directors
Barbara Guieu, executive producer
Alice Garbelli, producer
Alice De Santis, talent search
Elena Ottavi, graphic support

Filippo Vezzali, creative director
Giaia Rener, brand director
Matteo Persia, head of video
Alessandro Longo, JR brand manager
Lucia Zanone, communication specialist