Isma, the new movie by Stefano Usberghi & Giovanni Corsi produced by C41, is out on Vogue. The film is based on the life of Ismaila Mbaye, an accomplished percussion master whose music is a sincere dedication to those who fight, often paying with their lives for the respect of human rights.

An intimate journey you can’t miss..

Produced by C41
Ex. producer: Leone Balduzzi, Luca Caizzi, Barbara Guieu
Co-produced by Marco Consentino, Jacopo Pica, Stefano Usberghi
Starring: Ismaila Mbaye & Odette Gomis Mbaye
Cinematographer: Stefano Usberghi
Editors: Mattia Levi & Stefano Usberghi
Steadicam: Francesco Argenziano
Voice Over: Jonv Joseph
1st AC: Andrea Reitano
Sound Mixer: Alessandro Di Maio
Re-recording Mixer: Vittorio Giampietro
Sound Design: Stefano Usberghi
Subtitles: Costanza Di Michele
Lab and Film Scan: Movie and Sound
Light and Camera: Camera Service Group

Special Thanks to: Lisa Bof, Ivan Brienza, Mine Studio, Sara Pellegrino,
Camera Service Group: Illmatic Film Group