There is no experience like bar experience. New content produced by C41 and directed by Van Khokhlov for Heineken. Our talent visualizes, with a fresh and witty touch, the different aspects of working as a barman, waiter, or bar staff, to invite GenZ back to the bars again.

A realistic journey through the energetic and entertaining hospitality industry, one of the longest-suffering sectors since the beginning of the pandemic.


Marketing Director: Els Dijkhuizen
Marketing Manager: Otto Esser
Senior Brand Manager: Lisa Van Der Heijden
Brand Manager: Robert Polet
Senior Advisor Brand PR & Media: Roos Zegers
Director Out of Home: Marc Josephus Jitta & Pieter Vissers
Trade Marketeer: Zico Lecluse
Online B2B Marketeer: Pien Frommink
Digital Specialist: Evie Janssen
Global Communications  Manager: Brogan Simpson
Global PR Lead: Jonathan O’Lone


Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW: Bruno Bertelli
Chief Creative Officer: Cristiana Boccassini
Chief Creative Officer: Mihnea Gheorghiu
Global Creative Director: Eoin Sherry
Global Creative Director: Guy Lewis
Art Director: Giulia Trimarchi
Copywriter: Gian Marco Panichelli
Strategy Director: Monica Radulescu
Senior Strategic Planner: Alex Moore
Senior Experience Strategist: Antonio Jorgaqi
Chief Creation Officer: Francesca Zazzera
Head TV Production Heineken Global: Mariella Maiorano
TV Producer: Sabrina Sanfratello
Head of Digital Production: Vittorio Cafiero
Head of Creative Technology: Mauro Mazzei
Le Pub Ams GM:  Eleni Charakleia
Business Director: Elianne Vermeulen
Senior Global Account Manager: Alice Galline
Head of PR and Communications: Lizzie Dewhurst
Global Senior PR & Communications Manager: Julie Foulet
BOOMERANG (Part of Publicis Groupe)
Project Manager: Mike Van Brummen
Head of Copy: Geert Oosterwijk


Director: Van Khokhlov
Production House: C41
Executive Producer C41: Barbara Guieu
Producer C41: Luca Casieri
Creative Producer C41 : Inga Lavarini
Amsterdam Service Producer: Felice Bakker
Director of Photography: Aziz Al Dalaimi
Editor: Enrico Munarini
Strategy Director: Anita Hoebe
Communications Director: Lisette Plug
SYNSATION (Website)Creative Director: Sander Dijkstra
Creative Director: Patrick Zwanenburg
INDICIA WORLDWIDE (Print Production)
Marketing Activation Manager: Susanne Van Angeren
WE ARE FIRST (Influencers)
Director: Andreas Bonte
Senior Campaign Manager: Anouk Hogendorp
Account Director Brand: Arnaud Maltoff
Account Executive: Patrick Quirk