Mariposa Live Experience. Created and produced by C41⁣⁣

A fusion of artistry and aesthetics, the cinematography delicately captures the essence of the musicians’ performance, enveloping them in a realm where melody and visual spectacle intertwine. Transporting the viewers into a world where the power of the human imagination knows no bounds.

Created and produced by C41
Film Director: LEONE
Dop: Francesca Pavoni
Creative Director: LEONE
Creative: Inga Lavarini
Graphic Designer: Niccolò Pisano
Digital Creator: Karol Sudolski
Ass. Digital Creator: Greta Cozza
Photographer: Liting Tang
Photo Assistant: Sarah Indriolo
Guitar: Michele Boni
Manager: Flavia Guarino
Talents: Fuera
Executive Producer: LEONE
Production Manager: Maria Borgognoni
Producer: Riccardo Pagano
PA: Yaya Zeng
Stylist: Eleonora Cixi
Stylist Assistant: Antar Abderrahman
Groomer: Gaia Dellaquila
Art Buyer: Patrizia Gatto
Editing: Margherita Freyrie
Color: Daniel Pallucca
1AC: Tommaso Fazzi
2AC: Filippo Andreoni
Gaffer: Giovanni Sacchi
Electrician: Gaetano Gagliardi
Electrician: Nicolo’ Andreuccetti
Key Grip: Sergio Di Terlizzi
Grip: Massimo Fossali
Special thanks to: Movie People, Organica Estrusa, and Domenico Orefice.