Aurore by Formafantasma ⁣

“Everything is born of this incandescence. Regardless of a thing’s color, smell, or shape—regardless of whether it’s marble or clay, milk or rain, wind or clouds in the sky—everything the eye can see is simply an emanation of this same light, which makes sight possible. At the beginning of time, this incandescence created every element that gave shape to every thing on Earth. Objects and events are merely the slowed-down, cooled-o forms of this incandescence, which allow themselves to be illuminated, touched, and moved by this same light.”⁣

Words by Emanuele Coccia
Photography by Luca A. Caizzi

Exhibition design by Formafantasma
Concept design by Andrea Trimarchi, Simone Farresin
Design and development by Gabriele Milanese
A visual research and video production by

Executive producer audiovisual installation: Barbara Guieu
Producer audiovisual installation: Beatrice Lebrun
Creative director audiovisual installation: Leone Balduzzi
Visual research audiovisual installation: Francesco D’Errico
Visual research audiovisual installation: Inga Lavarini

Visual treatment and effects: Vittoria Elena Simone
Music and sound design by Smider
Voiceover text editing: Emanuele Coccia
Voiceover: Claire Bocking