C41 is video provider partner for “Cambio” by Formafantasma at the Serpentine Gallery, London.
For this amazing artist duo we produced a series of videos to be screened during the “Cambio” exhibition (4 May –  17 May 2020) which scrutinise wood as biological archive that stores data and narratives within its tissues.

Cambio (from the medieval Latin cambium, ‘change, exchange’) is an ongoing investigation conducted into the extraction, production and distribution of wood products. Cambio also references the membrane that runs around the trunk of trees, the function of which is to produce wood (xylem) on the inside and bark (pholem) on the outside.

This exhibition aims to put into question the role that design can play in translating emerging environmental awareness into informed, collaborative responses.

“One of the most important parts of Cambio is certainly linked to research. Before taking the project and the ideas out of the studio, we followed a very long process, of about 6/8 months, in which we read, consulted archives and met people. We have read many books that dealt with wood and all its industry, but also numerous manuals of philosophy and literature.

We also produced a series of backstage pictures recalling people and moment that have characterized the realization of the film. This story will also be featured inside C41 Magazine issue 10, dedicated to the Italian creativity and its “new renaissance”.

C41, creative production company
Francesca Pavoni, DP
Leone, photographer