The bare minimum: Michael Anastassiades

Flos is a worldwide leading company in the business of lighting design, willing to renovate its storytelling and communication approach on the digital platforms.

C41 designed and developed a series of three different contents, covering multiple needs and goals of the brand: “The bare minimum” belongs to the “The light minded” series, where leading Flos designers are interviewed and filmed, going beyond their profession and covering their daily life and thoughts.

In this episode, Flos presents the story of Michael Anastassiades, the worldwide acclaimed designer born in Cyprus, based in London, constantly seeking balance in his professional and in his personal life.

C41, creative production company
Leone, director
Chiara Gandini, assistant director
Enrico Magistro, creative director
Francesca Pavoni, dop
Oscar Molero Prat, camera assistant
Alessandro De Agostini, words
Carlo Banfi, production assistant
Roberto Bella, editing
Orash Rahnema, color grading

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