⁣The visible becomes invisible. To recount the creation of Arco K 2022 Limited Edition’s crystal base, a special reinterpretation of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni’s historic lamp, C41 and Flos invite you behind the scenes. Experiencing all the phases of the hand-crafted creative process, captured by our director Filippo Raineri and our photographer Carlo Banfi in the Flos laboratory. A step into the manufactury revealing the soul of this new version of Arco through its details and reflections.

Special thanks to Barbara Corti
Produced by C41
Client: Flos
C41 Creative director: Leone Balduzzi
Creative: Francesco D’Errico
Director: Filippo Raineri
Photographer: Carlo Banfi
Producer: Riccardo Calvi
Ass. Producer: Alessandro Copetta
Ass. Foto/ Digital: Ivana Sfredda
⁣Dop: Alessandro Luisi
Camera Assistant: Michelangelo Carliez