Flos Friends: Captains are meant to lead

Flos is a worldwide leading company in the business of lighting design, willing to renovate its storytelling and communication approach on digital platforms.

C41 designed and developed a series of three different contents, covering multiple needs and goals of the brand: “Captains are meant to lead” belongs to the “Humans of light” series. C41 looks for interesting, compelling and mostly unknown characters all over the world and tells their story, using both images and a written text, going through their habits and daily lives. The final outcome is a beautifully crafted editorial, where Flos designs are presented in a highly engaging environment. In this issue, the featured character is Van Khokhlov, a young creative talent, skateboarder and party lover living in Milan.

C41, creative production company
Luca A. Caizzi, photographer

READ THE ARTICLE ─ flos.com/stories/captains-meant-lead/