Dr. Martens


Perform to subvert. The new editorial content, produced by C41 in collaboration with Dr. Martens, will be featured in the upcoming C41 Magazine Issue12.

A photographic series recounting the story of two people, Rocky Mattioli and Jathson, dedicated to changing their lives, whether in the ring or on stage. Representing all the rebels and free thinkers, they powerfully fight for personal self-determination and an authentic future.

Produced by C41
Client: Dr. Martens
Creative Direction by C41
Creative Directors: L+L LEONE & Luca A. Caizzi
Creative: Inga Lavarini & Robin Sara Stauder
Photographer: LEONE
Editor: Mattia Barro
Producer: Beatrice Lebrun
Producer: Riccardo Calvi
Ass. Producer: Riccardo Pagano & Yaya Zeng
Videos: Antonio Annese
Art Buyer: Patrizia Gatto
Stylist: Aurora Zaltieri
Ass. Stylist: Federica Furfaro
MUA: Gaia Dellaquila
⁣Light Assistant: Gennaro Canaglia
Ass digital: Viola Alastra
Photo Editor: Simona Gentile
Characters: Rocky Mattioli & Jathson