Devil gone take my life

In collaboration with artist Milan, and thanks to great directing from Francesco Calabrese, C41 has created a new music video that celebrates resilience while keeping everything light and fun.

“I’ve been flirting with animation my whole career, it’s been 10 years since may last stop motion animation video and swore I would never do that again as it’s so hard and time-consuming. Then lockdown happened and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try again.
I didn’t want to do another lockdown facetime or remote shoot video like everybody else so animation was the best option, especially working with someone like Gerhard Human who took much of the weight of the project on his shoulders. To save time and money we started with all the performance shots through facetime and then used them as reference for the animation. On a conceptual level, we also had to keep it simple for the same reasons and avoid tricky camera moves or too many shots but I’m happy with the result as it speaks to Milan’s idea of living with your demons and still getting on with your life despite them. It’s an ode to resilience and we managed to keep the theme light and fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did working on it.” (Francesco Calabrese)

Devil Gone Take My Life deals with dark and personal themes which unravel trough the animation format in a lighter story managing to both entertain and make you think.

C41, creative production company
Francesco Calabrese, director
Tiwirayi Magwenzi, executive producer
Gerhard Human, lead animator
Nathan Fernee, assistant animator
Milan, artist
Mirko Musmeci, artist creative director