100 years, from raw to wow. Since 1921

A story of transformation, from dust to art.

A video created by C41, directed by Iacopo Carapelli, for the 100th anniversary of Colorobbia.

The video takes the viewer on a journey through the materials, colors, and shapes of Colorobbia, and stimulates all human senses.

Creative Director: Nicolò Carrassi
Director: Iacopo Carapelli
Ex. Producer: Barbara Guieu
Producer: Giulietta Boido
Ass. Producer: Riccardo Pagano
Producer: Filippo Raineri
DoP: Gianluca Oliva
AC: Niccolò Di Guida
2 AC: Laura Bellacicco
Gaffer: Nicola Ciovati
Elettrico: Lorenzo Gardinali
Prop Master: Giacomo Colombo
Editor: Tobia Peruzzi
Sound: Mirko Fabbri
Colorist: Anna Visigalli