Chloe Cherry

Sugar Daddy magistra vitae, Coachella weekend and keeping hold of the present. Featuring Chloe Cherry.

“I am what I am doing right now, I am my present. I think that a lot of people end up doing things that are very different from the environments they grew up in, I’m not special. I got into porn because being a porn actor is a job like any other, actually it’s probably better paid than most, meaning you can live, pay your rent, support yourself and indulge yourself too.”

Produced by C41 and C41 Magazine
Words by Giada Biaggi ⁣
Photographer: Daria Kobayashi Ritch ⁣
Styling: Mindy Le Brock ⁣
Make Up: Homa Safar ⁣
Hair: Lauren Palmer-Smith⁣
Nails: Holly Falcone ⁣
Set: Lauren Machen ⁣
Set Assistant: Doug Stearns ⁣
Retoucher: Frisian