Ceramiche Caesar

A Matter of Details

A Matter of Details. A project by Claudia Zalla and Studio Testo for Ceramiche Caesar produced by C41.


“A detail is a minute circumstance. Something that happens on a small scale, and requires a close look to be perceived. It may be an element that escapes us at first glance, but without which everything would be different. The detail is that invisible gesture that happens before our eyes. But also that out-of-place element, which gives meaning to all the others. The detail cannot be seen, yet is there. And its existence makes beauty possible.”⁣

Produced by C41
Creative Director: Luca A. Caizzi
Creative & Writer: Robin Sara Stauder
Photographer: Claudia Zalla
Photographer Assistant: Alessandro Albano
Set Designer: Studio Testo
Set Designer Assistant: Chiara Talacci
Producer: Filippo Raineri
Photo Editor: Simona Gentile