Yoji Tokuyoshi

Yoji Tokuyoshi: (My) Bread Is Fine Dining Too

“In a Michelin-starred restaurant, a lot of work goes into the visible aspects of the dining experience, from the plating to the service to the atmosphere. The ingredients don’t necessarily have to be the best of the best because you can use different techniques to give flavour and fragrance, while the service is more complex to manage. Simplicity, however, is founded on two single elements: the choice of ingredients, which has to be excellent, and the preparation, which has to be correct. That’s what cooking is about for me.”⁣⁣⁣

Words by Raffaella Serini and Yoji Tokuyoshi
Starring: Yoji Tokuyoshi
In Partnership with Carhartt WIP
Video by Filippo Raineri
Creative Director and Photographer: LEONE
Creative Director: Luca Caizzi
Photo Assistant: Simona Gentile ⁣
Motion Graphic Designer: Niccolò Pisano
Producers: Yaya Zeng  and Riccardo Pagano
Styling: Yaya Zeng ⁣
Mua: Gaia Dellaquila
Thanks to Bentoteca and PAN