Milan is Burning

Milan is Burning! The Night of Tomorrow. A special project by C41 in collaboration with Bballroom, Mother La B. Fujiko Ninja and Yunikon Ninja. Thanks to District 272!

“The glitter, the sky-high heels, the dramatic poses: this is what jumps out at you as soon as you enter the ballroom for the first time. It may seem superficial and frivolous, but it is the well-deserved culmination of the representation of a community that has fought for the self-determination of every one of its members. A community born on the margins of the oppressive New York society of the late 1970s, which was strongly discriminatory towards queers, blacks or Latinos. In this context, ballrooms were the exception: universes in which one could simply exist and be what he wanted.”⁣

Words by Vanessa Ruiz introducing Mother La B. Fujiko Ninja ⁣⁣
Directed by LEONE ⁣
DOP: Andrea Dutto ⁣
Camera Operator: Giorgio Melgrati⁣
Video Editor: Luca A. Caizzi ⁣
Photographer: Arianna Angelini⁣
Writer: Vanessa Ruiz ⁣
Editor: Robin Sara Stauder ⁣
Supervisor: Elena Rebecca Rivolta ⁣
Producer: Kevin Ferretti