Wow the world

C41 launches its first global advertising campaign aiming to reconfirm and enhance ASUS’ brand quality, with a concept written and crafted by C41, with creative direction lead by L+L (Leone Balduzzi and Luca A. Caizzi). The spot is the result of a mix of creative and production skills, with filming taking place in Milan whilst maintaining an internation- al look and appeal, through the construction of new and innovative communication formats.

Instead of creating a visual campaign based on the product aesthetic elevation, ASUS and Bollywood Productions decided to tell a story. C41 took a step further and developed for four narratives, relying on the communicative power of seriality.

In order to engage, a story must be true. Thus the casting research carried out by C41, introduced the involvement of young pioneers in the creative realm. Each creator’s interpretation is unique, via a per- sonalised lens, which places them in different but communicating worlds. The talent selection was curat- ed by the need for disciplinary differentiation, to return an insight of Generation Z’s reference realities.

The film stars Guoda Jukneviciute, aka Godi J (songwriter and musician), Giammarco Nocco, known as Gene (AR creator), Desola Oki (professional athlete) and Michael Cutini (footwear designer). Their role in the story is not the result of any fiction, but the expression of their true personality.

The soundtrack itself is written by Godi J in collaboration with MassiveMusic, and constitutes a 360-de- gree approach to this interlocking game. The ways in which the different personalities establish a rela- tionship with each other give life to a unique and compelling plot, hallmark of C41’s creative strategy.

Only Generation Z can speak to Generation Z, and ASUS VivoBook campaign took shape precisely around this concept.

C41, creative production company
Leone, director
Luca A. Caizzi, photographer
Bollywood, executive producer