Armani Exchange

I love you because

C41 worked with Armani Exchange to celebrate the beauty of diversity as well as society’s cultural melting pot: everybody is unique, everybody is important.
In honor of Pride month, we have shared the meaning of love as the expression of the special bond between partners, siblings and friends who have told us the little things in everyday life that make their love special.
C41, creative production company
Giada Bossi, director
Francesca Pavoni, dop
Dali Geralle, photographer
Leone and Luca A. Caizzi (L+L), creative directors
Isabella Petricca, art director
Barbara Guieu, executive producer
Alice Garbelli, producer
Beatrice Lebrun, PA
Claudia Bagordo, set designers
Silvia Murciano, make up artist
Igor Ragazzi, editor
Orash Rahnema, colorist