Slow dance fast wheels

The change that the world is undergoing is forcing us to reconsider our origins, thus feeling the need of a slow and reflective life. Slow Dance, Fast Wheels is a true story by C41 for Adidas Originals, it is a film of connection and disconnection that aims to celebrate the simple and slower life, a kind of life that today’s youth no longer know how to live. It is like a glance at the contemporary that suggests us to look for a slower lifestyle, where slowness stands for the research of a higher standard of living in nature doing sport between friends, in company.

The protagonists of this story are young guys who live in the area of Milano Centrale, a meeting place for connections of many people who share friendships and passions. Melat, Koffi, Kalkii, Omar, Lorenzo and John are a crew of city kids who are linked together by their passion for skateboarding and who together rediscover the quiet suburbs.

“I dance so fast that internet can’t follow me, but I’m sure the worlds needs fewer bloggers and more trees this life isn’t easy at all but what’s better than friends wheels and beer.”

A true story of young people who rediscover the pleasure of calmness, of guys who live in the moment among friendly faces and poor connections and who finally manage to give a value to the open spaces and to the slowness of the passing time.

C41, creative production company
Leone, director
L+L, creative directors
Francesca Pavoni, DP
Luca A. Caizzi and Carlo Banfi, art directors
Elena Ottavi, digital art director
Alice Garbelli, executive producer
Beatrice Lebrun, producer
Stefano Pagano, ass. producer
Niccolò di Guida, 1st AC
Riccardo Pagano, 2st AC
Rocco Didio, drone operator
Margherita Freyrie, editor
Orash Rahnema, color grading
Lorenzo D’Anniballe, sound engineer
Ze in the clouds, composer
Ze in the Clouds, music prod
Smider, music supervisor
Melat Emma Kontzialis, singer
Aurora Zaltieri, stylist
Antonio Cilli, location manager
Alice De Santis, casting director

Melat, Koffi, Kalkii, Omar, Lorenzo, John

Thanks to:
Inga Lavarini, Hotel Rio, Michele Prevato, Tiziana Carbellesi, Ilaria Bonfiglioli, Elisa Camerini