Torre San Patrizio is in fact a place where shoes are crafted to the rhythm of nature. The sound of the wind in the trees; the birds chirping; the distant echo of the sea; these are all elements that accompany the different stages of production inside the shoe factory of Giano, in Marche.
To communicate the new Woolrich Footwear FW20 collection, entirely made in this context,

C41 turned the shoes manufacturing process into an unconventional symphony where human expertise mixes with nature to craft a shoe which is completely made in Italy and tested by the elements.

The result is a mesmerizing journey through the beauties of Italian landscapes and the obsessive attention to detail that distinguishes the Italian craftsmanship.

A result that is all about enjoying.

C41, creative production company
Nico Carassi, creative director and copywriter
Carlo Banfi, art director
Alice Garbelli, line producer
Walter Jr. Cassetta, strategic planner
Tania Feghali, director
Gianluca Oliva, dop
Margherita Freyrie, ass. editor
Fullcode, sound design
Humming Beings, Tommaso Cappellato, sample
Simona Gentile, photographer