The urban portrait of a young provincial artist. C41 presents, in collaboration with Spotify, a mini-documentary on the latest rising rapper Rhove.

In his lyrics, Rhove shows the passions that ignite him, the purpose of his music, and his beloved origin. To ensure the trueness of his story, our director Federico Dematte chose a raw but real way of narration.

Executive producer C41: Barbara Guieu
Creative Director: LEONE
Creatives: Inga Lavarini & Giorgia Pedini
Director: Federico Demattè
DOP: Karim Andreotti

Production Manager: Marco Agnesi
Producer: Riccardo Calvi
Production Assistant: William Thoelke
Production Assistat: Pietro Mari
Production Assistant: Alessandro Sala

Prop. Master: Fabrizio Ribechi
Stylist: Cecilia Broschi
Stylist Assistant: Yaya Zeng
Make-up: Lucrezia Florindi
Extraas Coordinator: Kevin Ferretti
Editor: Andrea Salomone